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Stainless Steel Jewelry and the Skull Design

As the world of fashion continues to advance, people are becoming more conscious of what they purchase. While considering the aesthetic value of the product, others also take into account the functionality it offers. Accessories are among the most commonly used and purchased products because of the effects it make on the total ensemble. The overall appearance of a person can be enhanced by jewelry when the right pieces are used.

We have been using jewelry for various reasons for the longest time. With the demand for these pieces, manufacturers and designers are becoming more resourceful. From gold and silver, jewelry makers have tapped other materials in the creation of their fine pieces. Stainless steel is one of the most common materials used to date and this element can even be combined with other raw materials.

Fashion changes with the season and this is also true for jewelry items, but if there is a timeless design, it would be skull jewelry. Throughout the entire year, skull jewelry is on top of the most preferred designs. This jewelry has even penetrated the world of high fashion and is molded into different forms, including dangling earrings, chunky chains, and funky rings, among others. Time and again, you will get to see pieces created by top designers that feature skull patterns either in the form of jewelry or clothing.
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Before, masculinity has been the most common meaning drawn out from wearing skull jewelry, but this is no longer true these days as anyone rocks this accessory anywhere. Deemed as the most ancient and fierce symbol, skull jewelry and patterns are taken by manufacturers a step further by boldly incorporating it with other materials. By so doing, they are able to create gorgeous pieces that have its own character and beauty. As a testament to its timelessness, both sexes can now be seen wearing skull jewelry. The appeal of skull jewelry and patterns have weathered the changing trends in fashion and it remains to be the most common design nowadays.
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Other than incorporating skull jewelry with other materials, creators also combine it with other symbols. When skulls are incorporated with wings, it signifies freedom; when it is paired with butterflies it represents the cycle of nature. If there’s one thing that is certain, it’s that skull jewelry, may it be an earring, a chain necklace or bracelet, is here to stay for a longer time. It will continue to provide a statement and will continue to complement the garment one is wearing.

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