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Essential Factors for Selecting the Right Glass Water Bottle Many parents are abandoning plastic for glass baby bottles, and there’s no confusion as to why this so. Glass is extremely hygienic, and it’s manufactured from sand–an appreciably clean material. Simply, a glass baby bottle is cleaner, lasts longer, and is very healthy. When choosing a glass water bottle, remember to consider factors such as: Kind of Glass
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There are many possible classifications of glass types, but the highest proportion of glassware is either soda lime glass or borosilicate. Soda lime constitutes 80% of commercial glassware, hence the category is the most common. When selecting your glass water bottle, prioritize borosilicate as the material is more resistant to extreme temperature. Though this is not cookware, research has shown that cookware made of soda lime is unable to withstand fracture stress under high temperature.
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What is the Cap Lining Made Of? You may wish to pick a bottle with stainless steel cap lining as opposed to plastic. When you need to drink toxic-free water, plastic is certainly not a very good friend. By choosing stainless steel, you’re steering clear of BPA and phthalates that threaten your health. The Sleeve Issue Any glass water bottle with silicone sleeve is perfect. Since your glass bottle may drop and break, it’s important that it’s protected from that possibility. When choosing, look for a bottle designed with a convenient non-slip hold. A sleeve allows for a firm grip, protection from breakage, and preempting of heat transfer to keep your water cool. A glass baby bottle with a medical-grade silicone sleeve will certainly impress. This sleeve is made of silica, which is a component obtained from sand, and the non-toxic material lasts longer. The Matter of Portability Typically, a water bottle proves useful when there’s no source of clean drinking water near you, and thus, it should be easy to carry around while you’re on the move. Whether you need it to slot it into a baby stroller’s bottle holder or your gym bag, the bottle should pose no portability issues. For a glass baby bottle, a sleek, slim design that matches your lifestyle will do. Volume To some people, a 20 oz glass water bottle will do, while to others, 16 oz or 21 oz are preferred. Your pick is a question of personal preference as long as you stay hydrated. Concerning the matter of water consumption, there’s no standard that applies to everybody, so, just take into account your everyday drinking water needs when choosing the volume for a glass water bottle. Many people nowadays prefer glass bottles for water as opposed to plastic due to health safety reasons.

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